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February 22
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I was taking a little stroll in the garden when I saw the blonde boy with slumped shoulders a few feet away.

"Finny? What are you doing out here, its a bit chilly, you may catch a cold without a sweater on." I said worriedly, he did not answer. I walked closer to him a placed a hand on his shoulder, gently peaking over it. He was holding a bouquet of withering flowers, he seemed really upset. "Finny?" I frowned a bit stepping in front of him.

"Y-Yes Miss (name)?" He said a bit nervously.

"It's cold out, you should come inside." I then said with a gentle smile. His cheeks turned pink. "It's no use being so upset over some flowers either, it's not your fault."

"B-But.." He trailed off looking down.


"I.. picked them for you.. then all of a sudden they wilted.. I wanted it to be a surprise.. but now they're ruined."  I then blushed myself and took a hold of the bouquet of flowers.

"No they aren't, I love them anyways, since you picked them for me. I'm sure if we go inside they'll perk right up with some water." I smiled brightly at him and gave him a gentle hug.

"Y-You do? I-I'm so glad!" He hugged back tightly and then I found myself with lack of oxygen. He may be small but he sure was strong.

"A-AGH, F-Finny!" He let go with a red face.

"I-I'm so sorry (name)!"

"I-It's okay." I giggled and kissed his cheek lightly. "Come on, let's go, it wouldn't be good if we both caught a cold."

"R-Right!" He was so enthusiastic now, his cheeks were pink and his eyes shone brightly as he grabbed my hand and ran inside.

We placed the flowers in a vase of water and sat down to have a cup of tea. Eventually the flowers would start to come back to life and I smiled happily.

"See, Finny, I told you they'd go back to normal again."

"Y-Yeah I guess you are right! As always." He smiled and hugged me again, planting a kiss on my forehead. "I'm really glad you like them."

"Why wouldn't I? Either way, I'm happy because it's the thought that counts."
I didn't really know what to do, it's really short but yeah. Almost like a drabble but a bit more than one. :x Sorry if it's not that good lol.
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-/////- I always end up blushing when I read these things... I am grateful.

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