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February 22
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"Aghh! God damn it! Budge!" I yelled in frustration trying to move the supplies crate. I was squatting and desperately trying to pick up the heavy crate. I got the crate to about my knees where it rested and it hurt a lot. I started to move slightly, I probably looked like a constipated crab walking. It was the most ridiculous thing. I heard a loud rupture of laughter come from behind me, it made me drop the box and I fell on top of it. My knees got a bit scraped up from the sharp wooden edges. I laid on top of the box in defeat.

"Cute butt, (name), quite a show you put on." I heard a male with a deep voice chuckle out. I rolled over onto my butt, my elbows rested on the box as I laid there sloppily. Beads of sweat dripped down my face as pieces of my (hair color) hair stuck to my red face.

"Reiner? Oh well thanks so much for not fuckin' helping me. I could of blew out my back." My arms gave out as I laid flat on the box, my legs were spread open sloppily. He laughed again, and all of a sudden everything got darker. I opened my eyes to see Reiner hovering over me, his large body shadowed the sun out from my vision.  "You're awfully close to me." I grumbled kneeing him lightly in the crotch. His arms caged me in as they rested on the crate, he let out a groan. His grin was still plastered on his face.

"I was going to volunteer helping you, but since you seem to be in a bitchy mood...."

"Ugh, Reiner, don't be a dick, you're the one whose got me caged like an animal. What did you expect, to give you a little pickle tickle down there." I grumbled placing a hand on his chest, pushing him up and away as I tried to sit up. "Will you please? I have to move seven more of these god damn things, you're stronger than I am, it'd take me all night to move these." He laughed lightly helping me off the crate, his hand was so big compared to mine, it made me feel like a child.

"Fine, fine. Only because you're cute and have a really nice ass."

"Don't be a pig." I sighed, although I couldn't help but stifle out a laugh.

"You like it (name)." He grinned lightly groping my butt before picking up the crate and walking off leaving me there flustered.

"H-Hey! Don't just leave me behind!"

About a half hour later Reiner finished with the crates, I would occasionally help him bring them over if the crate was too large. He sat on the crate, sweating and exhausted.

"Here." I handed him my water skin to drink from. "Thanks for helping."  He gladly took it and drank up.

"No problem, more than happy to help." I smiled and sat next to him.

"You always seem to be helping me. Maybe I am just that weak." I laughed sheepishly, scratching my cheek then sighed.

"You're not weak, maybe just tiny. These crates are extremely big, so it's perfectly reasonable that a small girl like yourself can't pick them up efficiently." He smiled and placed a large hand on my head, giving a gentle pat.

"Small and weak?" I laughed and slapped his arm away taking my water skin back.

"Oh shut up, you're a strong woman, I've seen you fight." He then grabbed me tightly, pushing me into his muscular and sweaty body. "So stubborn." I looked up at him with a pout.

"You're sweaty. Now I have to go take a shower and get Reiner cooties off me." I snickered lightly as he had his arm wrapped around me securely.

"Mmm, only if I can join."

"Shut up you pervert!" This made my face flush and I punched him in the chest again, he only laughed and pulled me into his lap. A rough hand grabbed my chin and Reiner forcefully planted a kiss on my lips. I stared at him wide eyed when he pulled away. "T-The hell was that for!?"

"You told me to shut up, that was the only thing I could think of to shut me up." He grinned deviously at me.

"Reiner!" I huffed with a red face and pushed him away from me, getting up.

"Hey, where are you going? You really that mad I kissed you? I can't be that bad can I?" He sat there a bit shocked before getting up and following me. I stood around the corner with my hand on my lips, still stunned that he just stole my first kiss. What an ass! "(Name)?" He peaked out from the doors of the supply house, then stood next to me. "Sorry, I guess you don't like me. I shouldn't have and well now I feel awkward. Cause, well I like you and uhm yeah.. Sorry." He seemed devastated and went to walk away, but I grabbed his large hand trying to stop him, but was dragged along a bit. He stopped and I stumbled into his back. I gently wrapped my arms around his torso, mumbling shyly into his back.

"No, it's just.. it was so unexpected... my first... kiss you asshole." My face turned bright red as I buried my face into his back. I felt him shift around then an embrace, he gently caressed my head into his chest, holding me lightly.

"Sorry, I didn't know you were still a kiss virgin." He snickered down at me with a smirk. I looked up at him with a glare, my face just had embarrassment written all over it.

"Shut up Reiner! I-It's not funny!" I punched him in the chest and he only laughed harder. He then bent down and kissed my cheek lightly.

"I am sorry though, I didn't expect that you would be so high strung over a simple kiss."

"...I guess it's okay.... since... it's you." I puffed my cheeks, mumbling lightly and averted my gaze from him.

"So, does that mean the feeling is mutual?" He lifted an eyebrow with a small smile.

"Yes, jerk." I still couldn't look him in the eye, I was much too embarrassed.

"Gee, I didn't know how shy the beautiful and feisty (name) could be!" He laughed again, mocking me. This just made me punch him in the throat, making him choke. I smirked looking at him triumphantly.

"Watch yourself, Reiner."  After his little tantrum, he picked me up throwing me over his shoulder, walking back to the barracks.

"You should watch yourself. You're mine now, so I'm definitely not holding back now." He then released his own triumphant laughter and smacked my ass. "Finally, this cute piece of ass is mine!"
After reading a fanfic of Reiner from someone else I kinda have a small thing for him now as well xD hehe. Oh well I hope you guys enjoy this :x

I don't know who the photo belongs to, if someone knows I'll gladly give credit in the description!
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