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"Help! Help me! Can anyone hear me?!" It was dark and cramped. I banged on my surroundings violently and felt something tug at my arm. I noticed a string tied to my around my boney wrist and I pulled on it violently. "Help!" I screamed over and over hoping someone would hear my pleas. Minutes later I heard loud slamming above me; moon light shone into the dark area and my eyes were met with a smiling, white haired man with a scar along his face.

"Welcome back Love." The man said reaching his hand out towards me. I grabbed onto his hand and he helped me out of this...hole I was in. I fell into his arms and looked around -- I was in a graveyard. Did I just come out of a grave? Was I dead? Was he a grim reaper who finished me off, now consoling my spirit?

"W-Who are you.. what happened.. where am I..w-why am I in a grave? Are you some sort of grim reaper whose here to help my soul or something?" He laughed at my Grim Reaper comment, I frowned.

"I'm Undertaker," He then frowned as well. " And you're in a London graveyard, romantic isn't it Deary? You were mistaken for being a corpse; a lovely one at that. From the story I heard you tripped and smacked your head right into the stone walk way. A  deep cut sweept across your forehead as blood poured from your mouth." I felt him tense up a bit. "Upon the Doctor's arrival you were pronounced dead. " He pointed to my head, I gently touched it feeling stitches about three inches in an angle across my forehead. "That'll definitely scar." He frowned yet again. "I tried cleaning you up as best I could, Deary, some blood stained your dress I'm afraid." He pointed at my bust. My dress was black, I looked at the large brownish-red stain on a white scarf connected to my dress with a emerald broach. "Your mouth kept bleeding even as I put you in the casket, I'm sorry, silly me for not suspecting anything fishy. It's a miracle you didn't bleed out while being six feet under for a week." This man seemed strange. He was very much into gore and dead things. But maybe that's just because of his job. I didn't say anything for a few moments as I tried to process all that he was saying.

"A-A week!?"  I spurted out looking at him with terror filled eyes.

"You probably slipped into a small coma... Mistakes like this happen all the time, that's why we started putting bells on the graves so in case someone was still alive - mistaken dead - we could un-bury them...Your funeral wasn't much, only two people other than myself showed." He looked at me with another frown, his hand gently caressed my withering cheek.

"Was it family?"

"I'm afraid not, only the doctor and a person who tried to help you when you had your accident."

"I can't remember anything..I can't remember any family members, where I house probably got sold to someone else.. If I had a job, my place probably got filled in by someone else."  Undertaker helped me up.

"Amnesia?" His frown only deepened. "What a shame... you can stay with me as long as you'd like Deary. I'll take good care of ya." He then smiled and helped me walk. I clung to his arm, I could feel how frail my body was against him. I was literally a walking corpse.

"T-Thank you.. but.. why are you being so kind to me, Mister Undertaker?" I looked up at him.

"Just Undertaker please." He smiled gently. "And well, because you're a cute little lady! But, above all, I do feel awfully terrible, your life seemed so lonely, we can't have that happen again..." I only nodded lightly as he walked me down the cobblestone walk way. "How rude of me, can you remember your name by any chance? " I thought for a long while before speaking up shyly.

"(First, last name)..I think..yeah. I'm (First, Last name)."

"Fitting for a beautiful woman like yourself." He gave me a wide smile and licked his thumb and rubbed it against my cheek, I looked up at him confused, my cheeks turned bright pink at his comments and actions. It was embarrassingly noticeable against my sickeningly pale skin. He smiled sweetly at me. "We'll clean you up all nice and new, blood drippings seem to of have stained your cheeks." I probably looked like a horror to him, I definitely felt like one. "You must be starving and quite parched." All of a sudden he stopped. "We're home!" He chuckled at his comment and I looked at where we stopped. The building said 'UNDERTAKER' and had a coffin outside with a couple of tombstones. No windows, so strange, although it seemed familiar. "Ladies first." He pushed the door open and helped me inside. I looked around quietly again. I have been here once before, a week ago precise, being put into my own casket. The place was filled with relics, caskets, coffins and tombstones. Cobwebs decorated the bookshelves. I went to take a step forward but tripped over something, I could see myself heading straight for and open casket, yet again. A small scream escaped my throat as I braced myself but a strong arm wrapped around my waist, placing me back on my own two feet. "Watch your step love, I know it's a bit dark in here." Why did he keep calling me Deary and Love? "Come come, follow me now." He grabbed onto my hand and lead the way to a back door then up a staircase.  I didn't expect his hand to be so warm, mine on the other hand was icy cold.  A top of the stairs we were welcomed with a large space that looked like a bedroom with a bathroom and a small kitchen. It was dark as well, a small window was the only light source other than a candle here and there. It seemed to have more of a homey feel, maybe it's because it wasn't decorated with caskets and skeletons.  Although I spotted a large casket in the middle of the room.

" sleep with corpses?" As he lead me to a door he had to stop and hold his gut from releasing a boisterous laugh.

"Oh..! Ha ha! You're a funny one my dear." He smiled down at me and opened up the door  revealing a bathroom. "I sleep in that casket because I find it way more comfortable than a normal bed." I nodded lightly at his response and walked into the bathroom with him. He turned on the water to the tub and I looked at myself in the mirror as moonlight leaked in through the small window. I looked like a horror. My skin color was drained and almost hallow looking, blood smeared my cheeks and my dress. My (hair color) hair wasn't so messy as I thought it'd be, he must of combed it before placing me in my casket. My (eye color) eyes looked a bit emotionless but also afraid, maybe it's because I didn't have any memories of my past life before my accident. I had some dirt in my hair from when the cover of my casket was opened. And that dreaded soon to be scar that ran across my forehead, it sent shivers down my spine. How could this man think I was remotely attractive? I glanced to him as he was sitting on the edge of the tub, he was staring right at me, I felt like he was reading my mind and soul. He frowned at first before giving me a reassuring smile and stood up handing me a glass of water.
"Drink up." Bath water? He certainly was strange.. but water was water. I gladly took the glass and gulped it down. "We'll get you food after your bath." I nodded again placing the cup on a near by table. "If you need anything, feel free to ask, I'll be more than happy to assist." He smiled and gently pat my head before exiting the bathroom.
"Wait.."  He poked his head into the bathroom.

"Yes, deary?"

"C-Can you..untie my corset.." I looked at him for an answer, his cheeks turned red against his white skin and nodded. He came back into the bathroom and nimbly started to untie my corset. After he was done my corset and dress started to fall off my frail body, I held my dress to my chest as my back side was exposed to him. "Thank you." I said shyly before he exited the bathroom again.

"Of course. I'll be right outside if you need anything."  The door closed with a click and I dropped my dress and corset, then began to untie my garter and stockings along with taking my dirty heels off. I carefully placed my chilling body into the warm water.
"A-Ahh.." The little moan escaped my lips.

"Everything okay?" I heard a worried voice ask.

"Y-Yes! D-Do you have soap?"

"Should be to the table on your right." I looked over and grabbed the bar of soap, gently rubbing it into my skin and now damp hair removing traces of dirt and blood.



"Can I ask something embarrassing of you?" My face turned extremely red as I brought my knees to my chest.


" my back.. I-I can't reach it." I didn't hear anything for a few moments before he pipped up again.

"Of course." The door slowly opened and Undertaker emerged stepping closer to the tub. He knelt down to my curled up body and took a wash cloth, gently rubbing it against my cheek. I looked at him confused for a moment. "You missed a spot of blood."

"O-Oh." I blushed turning my face from him embarrassed as he cleaned my back. My bath was finalized as he poured water over my back removing the suds off my skin. He stood up and held a large towel in front of him.

"I won't look, just come here. I'll give you something to wear once you're dry." I slowly got up, water rushed off my body as I stepped out and into the towel. He wrapped the towel around me securely as I dried. Undertaker motioned me to follow him and I did, we walked into the more bedroom like part of the room and he stopped in front of a dresser and pulled out a black night gown. It was pretty, it was decorated in ruffles, whoever owned it must of been very pretty and probably his significant other. I didn't want to be rude and ask why the dresser was filled with woman's clothing, for all I know he could of had a wife that died but he didn't want to get rid of the clothes for emotional purposes.
"Thank you... it's very pretty."

"Not a problem love." He hasn't called me by my name once since we met about an hour ago. "I'll go make you some food then you can rest."

"Alright...thank you again .. Undertaker." He smiled gently and went off to the kitchen area. I stared at him for a while to make sure he wouldn't look before I dropped my towel and quickly pull the gown on my body. The gown fit pretty well, the woman must of been around my size, it was a little loose but I'm sure if I hadn't gone without food for a week it would fit better. I walked over to Undertaker and he place a plate of food on a table and motioned me to sit.

"I hope you like it, I'm not much of a cook.."

"I'm sure it will be fine." I gave him a sweet smile as he sat across from me. I instantly started to eat the food - he was right, he wasn't the best cook, but I ate it anyways, it would be rude to not eat anything as a guest in someones house. I only ate about half of it before my stomach started to deny anymore. "I-I'm sorry.. I can't eat anymore, I-It's not your cooking really, I would be happy to eat more it's just for some reason my stomach won't let me." He chuckled at me.

"It's alright Dear, it takes time for your body to get used to food again." He took my plate and put it in the sink.

"Where..will I be sleeping?"

"The casket it large enough for the both of us if you don't mind, it will keep you warm. We can't have you catching a cold now." He smiled brightly, walking towards the casket. He opened the cover and placed his hand out before him. I walked up to him slowly and peered into the casket. Why did I have to be faced with so many caskets in such a short time, it was nerve wracking. "It will be alright, I won't let anything bad happen to you, you can rest assured you're safe now." I gently grabbed his hand, something told me to trust him and he helped me in. I shifted around slightly trying to get comfy.  Undertaker then stepped in and sat beside me slowly lowering the cover.

"W-Wait." He looked at me with a worry some expression. "C-Can you leave it open please." He smiled gently and placed it back in its open position. The moon light leaked in, shining on our bodies. He then laid down facing me, he was awfully close, I couldn't help but blush again. I heard him chuckle lightly. "D-Don't laugh at me."

"But you're just so adorable." His arm rested on my waist and he brought me closer to him. I was shocked at first but for some reason, it seemed normal. My head rested on his bicep as his hand gently caressed my hair, his long fingers weaving through the (hair color) strands. He then let out a sigh.

"Is something wrong?" I looked at him worried I did something wrong.
"Nothing at all Deary, get some rest." He gave my head a gentle pat before I closed my eyes. Last thing I recalled was a small yet weak smile in my view.


I shifted around in discomfort. My head ached beyond belief as strange images floated through my head. Was it all dreams? They seemed too familiar. Undertaker appeared over and over again in my head. What is this? My eyes snapped open and I looked Undertaker straight in the face, he wasn't asleep? He was staring at me with a scared face.
"You've been tossing around violently for this past hour, you looked like you were in distress." His face looked wet in the moonlight. Was he crying?

"Undertaker, my love." Tears welled up in my eyes as well as I gently placed my hands on his face and kissed him ever so gently. His arms tightened around my shaking body and kissed back, it was a sad yet loving kiss. "I'm back, I'm so sorry about everything." Those dreams were very much reality, those were my memories coming back to me due to the all too familiar surrounding of being held by him in our bed. How we met and how he took me in because I had no where else to go. How I worked for him as an assistant. How I lived with him and cooked for him. How he always would scare me with death and gore. How we became lovers and my knowledge of him being a Shinigami tied into everything. How our graveyard shifts during the late eerie nights turned into romantic nights. Was he playing off this whole ordeal like he didn't know who I was, out of pure grief that I had no memories? Perhaps so.

"As long as you're back, that's all that matters."

-------Extended Ending------

"I guess this means I can't let you leave my sight anymore love."

"You don't have to treat me like a child Undertaker!" I pouted as I held a scalpel in my hand, ready to make some incisions into our guest.

"But, what if you trip again, I can't have you leaving me again. We know how clumsy you are, even with the simplest of tasks." He teased me bringing me closer. I scoffed, puffing my lips out at him. He sneaked in a quick kiss. "Don't make such faces."

"Fine, fine, whatever you say my wise love."
This took forever to write, it seems like I've been procrastinating these past two days, but also my internet froze up so I had to rewrite half of it! I'm sorry if it's EXTREMELY long.. I just... plots man. But over all I hope you all enjoyed it :)
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